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Laurie Edmundson

Mental Health Advocate, Podcaster, Public Speaker, Consultant

Laurie Edmundson is a mental health advocate, co-host of the Bold Beautiful Borderline podcast, a popular public speaker, and consultant on various projects.

She lives with borderline personality disorder, anxiety, dysthymia/depression, disordered eating, and other challenges.


Bold Beautiful Borderline Podcast

Hosts Laurie Edmundson and Sara Amundson provide a raw, honest, and sometimes humorous look into what it means to live with Borderline Personality Disorder. From relationships, to anger, to sex, and to recovery, they bare all to offer a glimpse into the reality behind life with the world’s most stigmatized mental illness. You find Laurie and Sara on Instagram to follow their day to day lives even further @laurieanned and @saraswellnessway

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