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Borderline Personality Disorder:  How Those with Lived Experience can be our Allies in Stigma Reduction Initiatives

Due to the characteristics of borderline personality disorder (BPD) including interpersonal difficulties and perceived control over one’s actions, BPD is a highly stigmatized disorder. Efforts to reduce stigma are necessary in order to improve quality of life and successful treatment for those with the disorder. Mental illness stigma research is presented for an overall understanding of prevalence and reasons for stigma where research is plentiful. A review of contact-based stigma reduction research follows in regards to three types of stigma individuals with BPD face: service provider stigma, self-stigma, and public stigma. A call to action for advocacy and evidence based BPD specific stigma reduction programs is presented.
Keywords: borderline personality disorder, stigma reduction, contact-based, public stigma, self-stigma, service provider stigma

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